setting up your home

Having everything arranged for when your pup comes home adds one less stressor in your life. After helping thousands of owners I know very well how upsetting and scary this seems- But you got this- by taking this step by step guide you will be prepared and know you are on the road to recovery, quickly

setting up your home- start doing it before surgery- different types of mats and not puzzle pieces

List of required items

  • Non slip flooring- what type? (not puzzle pieces)
  • x-pen or crate
  • Leash for controlling your dog indoors
  • Ramps
  • Stair access how to
  • Water and food bowl for crate or x-pen
  • Covering access to stairs, couches and other things they can jump on or off
  • Harness if your dog is a puller
  • Type of cone to use




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