“ Mike and I want to thank you for all the wonderful care you gave Tytan over the past 16 months.  After his diagnosis of Degenerative Myelopathy you provided us with guidance the we needed & gave Tytan the best care to keep him mobile for as long as possible.  Mike took great pride in telling people that he took him to rehab sessions each week.  He was a very special dog to us and we will cherish his longer time with us, forever.  Thanx again from the bottom of our hearts- Sandy & Mike

” A million thank-you’s are not enough to express my gratitude for everything you done for both my dogs over the years.  You helped Shadow during her ‘senior years’ as she lost mobility.  The world is a better place because of the care and compassion your share to all of us!  Never stop- ok?!- Gina, Kelli & Shadow

“Phoenix is our beloved 9 yr old dachshund. He came down with IVDD in January this year. We knew immediately what was happening with him and got him to Guelph quickly where they operated on his ruptured spinal disc. Before the operation he was walking very wobbly and they told us that his chances of walking again were good but the level of functionality we could expect was unknown. After surgery he was able to move his legs although not with much control or intent and could not stand upright. We were advised to crate rest him for 8 weeks which we did. At the end of that period he was weak and wobbly. We were recommended to try physio with him and referred to the Canine Wellness Centre where we met Tania. Tania was able to charm our tired grumpy dachshund and soon had us working on exercises to build his strength and coordination. When Tania suggested we would have him walk on an underwater treadmill we had our doubts. Phoenix has never liked getting even his toes wet but Tani a has planned for such resistance and had us positioned on the other side of the pool feeding him mini treats as encouragement for his hard work. By the end of our 8 week program Phoenix was running up the ramp to the pool. Every week he improved and we are now able to take him out for walks with our other dog. We continue to do some of the exercises Tania taught us to keep him thinking about where his legs and feet should be. We are so happy we found Tania as, without her, I don’t think we would have Phoenix in such great physical condition.” – Judith

” Our dog Stryder was recently diagnosed with DM (Degenerative Myelopothy) (ALS in people). There is no medical treatment or cure. The only treatment that can help keep the rear legs strengthened is exercise and swimming and treadmill hydrotherapy. So far Tania and her staff have been helping Stryder with various exercises that can then be done at home, swimming and treadmill hydrotherapy that has temporarily helped Stryders walking and gait. I would highly recommend The Canine Wellness Center and the owner and staff are knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and focused in formulating a treatment plan.- Mark, Toronto..