• LolliPup

    The Canine Wellness Centre original twin balance disc.  It can be converted from easy to difficult with just a little bit of air. Replaces many other canine fitness products on the market.  Two colours:  Purple and Blue-green

    Great for:

    • Part of any cross fit program
    • Mental challenges for even the most “busy” dog
    • Core Conditioning
    • Working on hindlimb and forelimb strengthening

     $71.99 CDN

Hind End Harness

This is for dogs with 60% or more use of the rear legs.  This product is great for dogs who have undergone surgery in the rear legs (TPLO or FHO) or suffer from minor arthritis and need a little extra support getting up the stairs or into the car.

Made in Canada- neoprene with soft fleece under belly

$ 42.99

Wobble Cushion– Provides a new challenge from puppies to seniors

Colour: Black

  • By adding air you can make any session easy to difficult
  • Great for part of any cross fit program or rehabilitation
  • Perfect for the “busy dog” that need mental challenges

Size: 22.5” (57cm), with large nibs on one side and small bumps on the other

Inflation pump sold separately