Basic exercises to build muscle mass post tplo Surgery – Part 2

This video is part 2 about building muscle mass following TPLO surgery in your own home, without the use of an underwater treadmill. I will provide you with over 5 basic exercises to begin helping your dog build back muscle mass only 7 days after surgery. If you have not watched Part 1 I encourage to watch that to see what you need to know before starting any home exercise program. Ensure before starting these exercises that your dogs inflammation has reduced and that they are no longer very painful These exercises will explain if your dog is painful and when not to increase the intensity.

If you are interested in even more guidance for building back muscle mass join us for our TPLO 12 week program

Table of Contents: 01:05 – level 1 exercise 02:17 – Level 2 exercises 04:11 – Level 3 exercises 06:16 – Level 4 exercises 08:07 – Bonus tip