The area of Canine Rehabilitation is new to many and is a growing field in the UK and United States. The goal of Rehabilitation is to deal with the deleterious effects of immobilization including muscle wasting, cartilage, ligament and bone degeneration. Many of these side effects from common conditions and surgeries can be eliminated or reduced by allowing exercise during periods of restricted activity. The use of the underwater treadmill allows retraining of standing, walking and Proprioception in injured dogs following various orthopedic surgeries, or for those with other neurological conditions. Dogs reluctant to use a limb can be encouraged to do so in a semi-weightless environment. Progressions can be made easily and gradually through increases in speed, exercise duration and alterations to water depth.

***These services are not meant to replace your regular veterinary care. We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe ****

Yes we require a written informed consent from your veterinarian prior to any rehabilitation service(s).  If you are looking for recreational swimming only, we ask that you speak to your veterinarian to ensure that your pet is healthy enough to participate.

Veterinary informed consent form click here

Please bring a copy of your companion’s medical record, current list of supplements and medication prescribed by your veterinarian and any special treats.  We supply towels, treats and a positive experience for your dog.
During your initial visit, we will ask you pertinent medical questions and will perform a thorough examination of your pet’s gait, range of motion, strength, mobility, and pain. From this information we will create an individualized rehabilitation plan for your companion. The plan may also include a written, at-home exercise schedule.
Our costs vary depending on the type of injury and intensiveness of the treatment plan. The initial visit generally lasts 45-60 minutes and costs range from $125-$150.  This initial visit includes an evaluation, treatment, and the development of in-clinic and home exercise plans. Subsequent visits run $75-$100 and generally last 20-40 minutes. Discounts are available if visits are purchased as a package (i.e., 6 visits for a reduced fee). We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Master Card.  Should you be covered by Pet Insurance we would be happy to provide receipts of your visits.
The frequency of sessions depends on the type of injury or illness your pet has sustained and where he or she is at in the recovery process. It will also depend on your ability to perform exercises with your pet at home, if that is part of the treatment plan. This is something the rehabilitation practitioner will go over with you during the initial evaluation.
  • Recent surgery, or orthopedic surgery which is causing pain or reduced mobility.
  • Your dog has not been performing to the best of his ability.
  • Your dog has a sudden behavioural condition that may be attributed to pain from injury.
  • Weakness that has developed for no apparent reason.
Some pet insurance companies cover hydrotherapy. Contact your provider for more information. We will be happy to provide a detailed invoice to submit to your service provider.


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