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Informed Consent

For alternative or complementary vetrinary medical treatment, please download and complete the form.


Do you have a dog that has intermittent lameness (front or back leg)?  It goes away for a while then comes back again and just never seems to completely resolve?  You have done blood tests, x-rays etc but still does not resolve. This is one area that i particularly proud of.  Many vets in the GTA rely on my experience and ask me to look at their patients and provide feedback.  This provides the most well round experience for both pet owner and veterinarian as well as getting positive results. 

  • Recent TPLO surgery
  • Recent surgery, which is causing pain or reduced mobility.
  • Your dog has not been performing to the best of his ability.
  • Your dog has a sudden behavioural condition that may be attributed to pain from injury.
  • Weakness that has developed for no apparent reason.
  • Your older dog has been diagnosed with “weak hips” or hip dysplasia but has never had an issue before
  • You have a dog with intermittent lameness in the front or rear limb, however, x-rays have been performed but you still don’t have an answer. ( we can’t diagnose due to college of veterinarians rules) However we will work with your primary veterinarian to work as a team to find the cause of lameness. 

The area of Canine Rehabilitation is new too many and is a growing field in the UK and United States. The goal of Rehabilitation is to deal with the deleterious effects of immobilization including muscle wasting, cartilage, ligament and bone degeneration. Many of these side effects from common conditions and surgeries can be eliminated or reduced by allowing exercise during periods of restricted activity. 

Using a combination of manual therapy, home exercise programs and other modalities we can increase muscle mass, and reduce pain associated with orthopedic procedures and the effects of Osteoarthritis.

***These services are not meant to replace your regular veterinary care. We do not diagnose, or prescribe medications ****

Yes an “informed consent is required” Please bring a copy of your companion’s medical record, current list of supplements and medication prescribed by your veterinarian and any special treats. We supply towels, treats and a positive experience for your dog. 

Please bring a copy of your companion’s medical record pertaining to your pets injuries, current list of supplements and medication prescribed by your veterinarian and any special treats. We supply towels, treats and a positive experience for your dog

During your initial visit, we will ask you pertinent medical questions and will perform a thorough examination of your pet’s gait, range of motion, strength, mobility, and pain. From this information we will create an individualized rehabilitation plan for your companion. The plan may also include a written, at-home exercise schedule.

Our costs vary depending on the type of injury and intensiveness of the treatment plan. The initial visit generally lasts 45-60 minutes and costs range from $165-$225. This initial visit includes an evaluation, as well as how sessions will be structured over the following weeks. (typically as time allows there will be a treatment session) Subsequent visits run $90-$140 and generally last 30-50 minutes. At these sessions we will develop home exercise plans, and use one or all of the modalities listed in our services page.  We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Master Card or e-transfer.  Should you be covered by Pet Insurance we would be happy to provide receipts of your visits.

Some pet insurance companies cover rehabilitation. Contact your provider for more information. We will be happy to provide a detailed invoice to submit to your service provider.