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My dog is limping in the hind end

Is your dog limping in the hind end?  Are you afraid that it might be a torn ligament?   This easy guide will help you with what to look for and steps to take to figure out if it is a torn ligament.

Preparing for TPLO guide

This Tips and tricks guide will prepare for your dogs  upcoming TPLO surgery.  After treating thousands of dogs following TPLO surgery I know how scary it seems.  This free guide is to help you be prepared so when your dog comes home you are ready.  Topics include how to set up your home, sling ideas, […]

CBD for pets

Are you interested in learning about CBD for your pet? There is an overwhelming about of information on the internet regarding CBD for pets, this online course is an introduction to selecting products for your pet.  Safety and legal issues govern most products in Canada, USA and Europe. This course gives you the basics of learning what […]