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57 Byng Ave (off danforth Ave)

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Open by appointment  only Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

We now provide Radial Shock Wave Therapy, great for OA, muscle, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries.  Give as a call to inquire...

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Senior Dog Appreciation

Dates: Sunday's January 15th- Feb 19th 2017 (6 weeks)

Time: 12:00 pm- 1:30 pm

Who: Dogs over 7 yrs

Where: Canine Wellness Centre Inc.

Cost: $229

2 dog spots left!

(class limited to 6 dogs)

This 6-week program is for dogs entering into their senior years and may have conditions like arthritis, hind end weakness or just slowing down. Classes will incorporate lecture and hands on practise giving a proactive approach to your dogs body and mind. (Note: not mandatory to bring a dog)


Some of the topics of discussion will include:

  • The canine aging process 
  • Canine dementia, what does it look like
  • Games you can play at home to keep the mind at peak performance
  • Orthopedic and neurological disorders (vestibular, DM,chronic disc issues Osteoarthritis etc.)
  • Help, my dog does not listen to me anymore!
  • Assessing pain in your dog
  • Keeping the hind end strong
  • Massage & acupressure techniques  you can do at home
  • Making the house senior proof
  • Assistive devices for the senior dog
    ***Please ensure your dog is comfortable in a setting with other dogs.****

Conditioning 360

Dates: Sunday January 15th - Feb 12th 2017

10:30am-11:30am (5 weeks)

Who: Healthy active dogs

Where: Canine Wellness Centre Inc.

Cost: $199

(class limited to 6 dogs)

3 dog spots left!


This 5 week program is designed for dog and owners who want to learn how to keep your dog injury free over the winter months. 

Fact:  March, April and May at Canine Wellness Centre inc is when we see the most dogs with injured knees!  So join us as we teach you how to use props such as Fitpaws and other items found around the house for this fun and interactive class. 

Classes will incorporate lecture and hands on material to keep your dog in peak shape over the winter months. 


Some of the topics of discussion will include:

  • Basic anatomy of bones, muscles and ligaments
  • Safety using various equipment
  • Canine body mechanics
  • how body mechanics can be 'set ups' for injury
  • Luring vs. teasing vs. shaping
  • Philosophy of why we want to condition our dogs (balance, strength, flexibility, and endurance)
  • Compensations and “set ups’ for injury in dogs.
  •  warm- up and cool -down- why we need it
  • Targeted exercises for forelimbs , hind limbs and spine
  • Having fun another way to keep you dog fit in
    the winter months…

***Please ensure your dog is comfortable in a setting with other dogs.****


Drop in Wednesdays (by appt only)

  • Starting January 18th 2017 from 6:00pm-7:30 pm come in and have fun using our Fitpaws equipment and Doggie land treadmill. 
  • Book your session and know there will be an experienced instructor who can assist you while your dog exercises, ensuring the safety of your dog. 
  • Stations will be set up to focus on strengthening, balance, flexibility and endurance.
  • No more than 4 dogs per half hour.  (Private sessions available)
  • Note pre-requisite: either one of our fitpaws training courses of other fitpaws training. 
  • We can provide an introduction for newbies to learn how to safely use equipment
    Cost: $20 / half hour

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 Our trained staff will give you a positive experience in the area of animal rehabilitation and fitness.  Rest assured your pet will have the experience of a trained hydrotherapist whether returning from an orthopedic condition, suffering from arthritic condition or just wanting to get fit...we offer the best customer service in the industry.

Tania Costa Owner and Operator...Certified in Animal Rehabilitation (CCRP), Acupressure (CAAP),Tui Na, Animal Normalization Techniques (Osteopathic concepts) as well as Massage.

When Canine Wellness Centre opened its doors there were no other facilities in Ontario that provided the types of services found here.  Our state of the art facility located in Scarborough North of Danforth Ave between Victoria Park and Warden Ave has been open for close to 13 years providing rehabilitation for your pet.  There are no other facilities in Ontario that provide all the services available at Canine Wellness Centre Inc.  Our mission is to provide the best customer service available through the use of cutting edge physical rehabilitation techniques and supportive care to both clients and their companionsWhether you are looking for massage, acupressure, Rehabilitation for soft tissue infury or surgery, or the use of the under water treadmill,, Canine Wellness Centre can help.

The centre is complete with 1,200 square feet including a fully equipped physical rehabilitation gym with a rubber cushion floor system to prevent accidental slipping while wet.  We have an underwater treadmill with closed circuit television to monitor and assess gait for recovering patients. For sanitation we use Bromine and ultraviolet light to reduce the amount of chemicals in the water, So don't worry about bathing your dogs after each session.

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Appointments are required for all services and those clients requiring rehabilitation must have a written referral from your veterinarian accompanied with a diagnosis.

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